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Happy February ,

This site is dedicated to every spark in the universe seeking restoration and to know itself.

Soo.. Now we are here in the site Gnostic Tarot Cards. This site has taken some changes some for the better others for the worst. It is nearly impossible to give quality posts everyday. Our loyal bloggsters are very much appreciated and please if you haven’t yet, Donate, to this site if you want to see it keep going.

In the future Gnostic Tarot Cards is going to make its appearance on a dedicated website . These donations will cover costs for hosting, and production fees for art and design etc. Also soon there will be available books for the posts of your favorite Tarot Keys, in this site as a Digital Download , all edited and restructured for publication. The site isn’t going “corporate” with ads or any weird things like that, just some convenient downloads for your e readers , or hopefully if the site reaches “critical mass” your home library in a 3 volume, independently published series of Gnostic Tarot Reflections.

For now though we are still considering in this blog the Arcanum of the Tarot Keys , as they relate to Gnostic viewpoints and scriptures. On our links portion of the site there are a few documents that are of utmost importance for the understanding of all terms and language. Since it’s a “gnostic” site we have links to the Ecclesia Gnostica and Gnostic Society for Nag Hammadi, Gnostic Catechism , and Valentinian study and familiarization , which if there is a structure to the tarot in our view, it is highly if not completely compatible with Valentinus and his Gnostic Tradition.

As we view the Arcanum of The Tower, we are brought to a crumbling of structures and a fall of the masters of this house. To me this Tower could represent the structure of the Cosmos that was created by the Demiurgic “King” and his “archons”. For one who says “there shall be none other before me” and “im a jealous god” certainly sounds like a “King” to me. The Archons were the forces employed for the creation of matter. They are represented as the Rulers in Secret book of John , and are also attributed to Azura Mazda in Zoroastrian writings. Part of this Cosmic structure is a old yet , never tired, law of sin. This is why Gnostics didn’t believe in Sin. Sin was for those who were subject to the Law of the Creator. The Mitzvot of Deuteronomy was the “Code” by which every person was supposed to act and behave in order to have a character deemed ”righteous” by this extremely “Just” God of the Old Testament. If you were found not to be “righteous’ you must atone by sacrifice for the Sin or “missing the mark” of Mitzvot that was not upheld.

In the New Testament, it refers to God as a Loving Father, this is where Valentinian teaching says that the reason for the stark contrast is that Sin, was part of the Demiurge’s Law, not The Fathers. For here is the beauty of our Gnostic Doctors and the Tradition they brought, “none is condemned by Sin except those under the law”. These Sinners were the Psychics, but as Gnostics, we are awaken to our “ Glorious Robe” of the Father. This is our Pneumatic nature, or Spiritual Nature. Those embracing the realm of the Pleroma are not under this “burden of Sin” but are merely ignorant of the Father and his power.

It is the process of the “path of return” or Upward Path, to restore us the Glorious Robe, that was given to us by our First Parents. So in this sense the destructive force of the Tower is only destroying that which is corruptible , impermanent, and therefore worthless to our Pneumatic Nous, or Mind. When it comes to our real security , the Fullness of the Pleroma is without decay, unknown, unspeakable, indestructible, whole and complete.

In Light and Love

Frater L. Cor Meum Lucidum