Judas – A Star Player !

Greetings to all the STARS that have stayed patient for this blog.

Because of major developments when on the ‘path of return’ I’ve been extremely busy absorbing new initiatic lines and teachings from the Western Mystery Tradition. This isn’t just a change of focus, in fact its a revelation from the secret masters and adepts (though i am not even close to adeptship) of the traditions behind most Gnostic and Initiatic Schools. The hilarious thing about the teachers of this age is that the teachings are easily available once directed to the proper channels and that the path is thoroughly available for any and all that are guided to these teachings.

According to Dr. Lewis Keizer, Grandmaster of nearly All European Orders of Initiation and Western Mystery Tradition. “the old European Orders were great for Aristocrats that had plenty of time, but now we need more high tech methods of getting results”. (From a conversation with Grailmaster Keizer) This is apparent in our tarot. We are stars and as stars burn out there is a limitation to the present condition of our physical vehicles, this is evident in swedenborgian masonry, when in the beginning of the 1st degree teaching, he calls “Builders” the “Stars” of the “Lodge”. In the Gospel of Judas , Yeshua calls his Apostles or Disciples “stars” , in relation to their place in the “glory” of “God” , here Yeshua refers not to a traditional interpretation of god , but more to a Ein Soph or Limitless Light. He calls Judas a ‘Star” multiple times.

Why such a crazy name for JudasObviously Judas as the antithesis of Yeshua in “Orthodox” teaching and the furthest character from righteousness in the judeo-christian bible. Here we bring it up for our so called “pagan” readers. Tarot sometimes has been thrown into a waste basket because of identification with Satan. But as we see in the Gospel of Judas that the so called “Antichrist” is actually Yeshua’s most enlightened Apostle and was trusted with the “Mysteries of Heaven” . For sure the term Baselion or basileia is used in the coptic codex of Judas.

The term Kingdom has been falsely translated from the Aramaic Malkuth, but it actually means Sovereignty. The Mysteries of Sovereignty, and you can bet these mysteries not only included Kabbalistic teachings , but also Merkabah Chariot practices.

So why refer to Judas in Tarot? Judas is each of us, we are attempting to discover the “true” self, or anointed one. You would anoint or Christen yourself as a Sacrament , here we are seeing how we are betrayers and disciples at the same time. Because this card hints at formation, we will briefly share that in the word Yetzer which means “Form” it is written with two yods. This is peculiar when the word Yetzer isn’t spelled Yyetzer, but alas it is defined as two yods, two forms in matter , two impulses in the heart of the Apostle. One is a clockwise motion and manifests ‘good’ qualities or makes one a disciple , the other is a counter clockwise movement and is regarded as betrayer. This is what i believe judas is as a betrayer/disciple.

As we see there are very deep teachings in Gnosticism. As we were moving away from the gnostic teachings , its important to to get back to our “roots” for in these roots of gnosis we will start to find the living waters of spirit.

In light and love.