Seperate Water , From ….Water??

Ave, Fraters and Sorors,

And Elohim said.. “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.”

This time we are taking a step toward The Star which is the 16th Arcanum of the Tarot. As we journey on our way toward the pinnacle of all experience, im reminded of the term “Path” and what exactly is the Path of Return? As you all know we are Brethren and Sisters of the Light! A Fellowship of the Illuminated , so to speak. We are all working with the same archetypal image which is nature here depicted in her glorious form of Mother. Creatrix, Divine Feminine , and just plain Sexual , Magnetic, Polarity of God. Nature as a Recipient of the Divine Source , which the 1st and 2nd century Gnostics called “Pleroma”. What is this path , and where are we returning? The Path is a journey really to the sacred place of every born incarnate being. This is to the heart of all consciousness and all experience, by this I mean the Non Dual, Divine, Unexplainable, Unfathomable One-ness of the Infinite Divine Source. Now these terms are all expressions that must be defined by the practitioner. So what is the path? A Path is a , Way, or a cleared and previously traveled route toward a destination, typically in a area where it is easy and highly possible to get “lost”.

And thus we are, Lost, to a Kosmos of sensate experience, culminating in a sorrowful forgetfulness of our divine heritage. We are traveling down the road of a human linear progression, by human I mean all the physical humanness we are from bones , to blood , sinews and skin. This body, or form is the perpetual place where the mind can focus attention and by constant point of reference , substantiate itself as a separate form from other separate forms. Or more easily put Self, and Other. This is portrayed in the symbol of the “five streams of water” that have been pulled from a primal source. As the water begins to seek its source, or own level, it will eventually find its way, but in the mean time, as we can see , the symbol depicts a separate sensate experience. Also we have a visual depiction of the same action of gathering and then depleting, or drawing from source and pouring back into source. It seems ridiculous that anyone would do such a thing. And we have a woman naked! Taking extreme pleasure in the process. What is actually being said , is not being outright declared, yet the suggestion, I believe is here. That suggestion is powerful enough to illuminate any action performed in the realm of nature. Which is that all action, all thought and all effect comes from a original source, inexhaustible , undepleatable and indescribable , by the sensate being. Here is the key.

This picture is the Meditation of Source as the Origin of all experience. The bliss of reality and awakened perspective of form, as a separate illusion, and that there can be no other possible explanation, that when we stop paying attention to the senses and begin drawing from the “waters of our being” we begin to discover the great mystery of a calmness and serenity that has never been known prior to practice of the path.

So as Nature draws the forms that are perceived by the five sensate functions, from the source of all existence, The Star (as a archetype) shines brighter and brighter, revealing the fullness of actual being and not the deprivation of mind (water) seeking source but dried upon matter (earth) for as we can see form is what holds the water. … and that the waters of non-discursive meditation, can eventually restore sight and we will gain the lost key to MANkind , not human existence. This statement MAN isn’t representing Male, or a masculine brain. It represents the collective whole mankind as opposed to the illusion of separate reality , human, or self . In this way do the “upper waters become separated from the lower”. And a firmament is established.

In light and love

Frater Lucis Cor Meum Lucidum