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Ave Fraters and Sorrors

Now we are beginning to discuss the 17th Tarot Key titled The Star. The Star is a card in its simplicity of a huge eight rayed star surrounded by seven other smaller stars. I guess because this key is called The Star we should start here. Not only is it evident that the central focus here isn’t a star but we also have a naked woman scooping water from one section and placing it in not only another but the same section of water. This must not be taken literally but of course its a symbolic depiction of a deeper mystery.

Let it be known that in Strong’s Concordance to the Old and New testaments the word for star given is mentioned only a few times. In the Old Dispensation it is referred to only twice ; Num 24:17 “there shall come a star (KUKB כוכב) out of Jacob..” & Amos 5:26 “the star (KUKB כוכב) of your god, which ye made of yourselves”. The Gematria for the Hebrew word KUKB =48 , also in relation to the number 48 we have: Pillar of Strength , Woman, Inner Life,To Reveal , Expose, Father , Love.

It is now becoming evident that the Naming for this Tarot Key wasn’t at all arbitrary As the Center of this card is a Blazing Star its evident that its saying the following in some way ,that to effect ” There will come a way called star out of Jacob, and not the star of your god , Molech, that if you make God your Star you shall have strength in your inner life, that things will be revealed to you , from your father who is love and Nature (Woman) will reveal it self to you as well”.

The inner stars infact are the seven little stars considered the Seven Chakras that are called our interior Spheres. Now this might seem like a stretch but in Greek the Gematria for 48 is Not μη. This would seem wierd were it not for the amazing correlation to Naught. Star being your GOD and Naught being the Greek Pleroma . Maybe the Kabbalists and Occultists hid the secrets in the Key about Nature and every seen thing from the real Blazing Star or the GAOTU ( Grand Architect Of The Universe) If in fact it was giving a comparison to the Ain Sof Aur of the Kabbalists which can only be explained in Negative statements , then it would stand to reason that the Pictorial Alphabet of the Western Mystery Schools would indeed Conceal facts about the Universe that the Gnostics needed to say , but only to those who were ready.

In the final analysis of our Star we can see that if our symbol relates to the Blazing Star of the All Seeing Eye of Masonic Symbolism , then it would also mean occulus natura or Eye of Nature as opposed to the occulus divinium which is the Eye of the Divine. The other statement that may be made about the amazing number 48 could be that it is the Rosicrucian Arbor, the word fountain and also the latin gematria for the words

“rota Tora orat Ator”
“The wheel of Tarot speaks the Law of Hathor.”

In light and love

F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum

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