Star Light.. Star Bright..(Part 2)

Ave, Fratres and Sorrors

Greetings from within the matrix. Here we are studying the Arcana of the 17th Key titled The Star. It is a joy to be progressing together through the first stage of the “Upward Path” or Path of Return. There have been many roadblocks and limitations in getting the articles on this blog out there, however the frequency of the posts will not be increased at the cost of the quality. As this is a journey that we are all taking together, every new phase of the path takes us as a unit or “egregor” further than before. For this I personally am in a state of Gratitude

The Star has a significance , especially as a name. As we have previously studied the Gematria of the name itself. , it should be known that other terms for Star can be Luminary, Luminaries or Lights. Early Theosophist and Visionary Emmanuel Swedenborg , from the tradition of Jacob Boheme ,wrote in his 12 volume commentary on Genesis and Exodus ,”Arcana Coelestia”, the following about the luminaries:

Gen 14-17:And God said. Let there be luminaries in the expanse of the heavens, to distinguish between the day and the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and for years; and let them be for lumanaries in the expanse of heavens, to give light upon the earth; and it was so. And God made two great luminaries, the greater luminary to rule by day, and the lesser luminary to rule by night; and the stars. And God set them in the expanse of the heavens, to give light upon the earth.

What is meant by “great luminares” cannot be clearly understood unless it is first known what is the essence of faith, and also what is its progress with those who are being created anew ( Regeneration)..”

The Hebrew word for Luminary is , Marth with a gematria of 641, also 641 is the number for (Hb.: light,burn,teach,three,cut,end,course,horsemen,sun, & Gk. is: thou,garment,loose,walk,see,pound,pour,seek,die,death.-Courtesy of ) , The Arcana here is profound but will take too much space to continue, we will let the reader draw their own conclusions and would love to hear your gematria (

Swedenborg continues..

“ and faith thense derived , are now here first treated of, and are called “luminaries”‘ love being “the greater luminary which rules by day” “faith derived from love “the lesser luminary which rules by night”; and as these two luminares ought to make a one, it is said of them, in the singular number, “Let there be luminaries”

Swedenborg talks about the benefits of Love and Faith as virtues and then continues with the topic of luminaries. In the Swedenborg Rite of masonry , the initiates are constantly called “great stars”. Also in this Rite the GAOTU is considered the “Ultimate Builder”, and is the Masons Ultimate Teacher on how to “build” character. As Swedenborg mentions above, Faith is the luminary we are viewing in this key. This is important because in the process of Dvekut in Lurianic Kabbalah, one is asked to have “faith above reason”. and in Paul’s epistles its stated the “greatest of these is love”. In our picture this process is illustrated by the ibis on the tree stem. Knowledge can only see so much of nature, “but love compels nature to reveal herself”.

As a gnostic this passage might seem “orthodox” or “catholic”, but taking a look deeper into the terms and thier relations with known Gnostic treatises, we can elucidate the following :

Elohim said: this is one of the few sayings attributed to the plural term “elohim”. Also these sayings where it says “Elohim Said..” is related to each of the Seven Days of Creation, Elohim is similar to Yeshua’s term “Abba” or Father-Mother. this is like the Pleorma creating “Aeons” or “luminaries” , “expanse of the heavens” is written in the plural .”heavens” could be related to the version of Mysticism attributed to the prophet Ezekiel called Merkabah. Luminaries may be related to the principals of “Aeonic” builders of the Universe. As Louis Claude de Saint Martin & Martinez Pasqually mention several times ” every spirit has a number” . in the above quote of scripture “let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and for years”. If we combine the ideas here with that of Swedenborg’s Theological exegesis we could say that the “disincarnate” beings called “luminaries” are guides of “Love” and “Faith” and the Principals behind symbols , time, cycles and space .

As the “Central Axis Fire” spirits are the builders “tools” that are utilized in Theurgical Operations to create matter , our picture of Nature pulls from the source and not only provides a feedback loop, like a “influx” and “outflux”, but also deposits the “five streams” that allow matter to be perceived by the Nous of Spirit.This inbreathing of dipping into the waters can be like drawing it from the source, and outbreathing to be distributing it back to the source. Nature must interact with the “Aeonic ” Builders in order to produce matter and sensate beings to perceive that matter. The statement here is not that Source is subject to nature , but that Nature in all her majesty is simply a “Vessel” of the Source , and draws of “water” similar to the Hermetic Nous.

In Light and Love

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum.