The Light That Never Departs

Ave , Brothers and Sisters of the Light

As it’s been a while since the last post here. Problems inevitably arise when on the Path.

We are continuing with the discussion of the 19th Arcanum and the Tarot Key titled The Sun.

We are using the Marsailles version of the card since it is closer to the initiated version that I particularly use designed by the BOTA. In this Key the Sun is depicted as behind the two individuals in the foreground. Its important to see here that this positioning is not arbitrary. We are on “The Path of Return”. the most important word here is RETURN. If we are to see the light of The Sun not as a planetary influence but a Spiritual Archetype , then we can understand why gazing into the bright Sun is probably not recommended at this point.

I can think of no better source than Louis Claude de Saint-Martin in his very esoteric Lyons Lectures to quote in this regard

“If you take away from a man the light which is illuminating him and allowing him to see the surrounding objects, he remains in darkness all the time he does not have the light; his sight loses its memory of the various objects during the whole time of separation. The sun, for example, illumines the insights of a well- adjusted man, allowing him to see the various wonders of nature; through it, he sees the various wonders of the different successions of visible bodies; through it, he finds out about the various objects which successively pass before his eyes; and

the more he has made a sustained collection of facts, the more he knows about the nature of bodies whose dimensions the light reveals.

Let us now assume that this man is locked in dreadful solitary confinement which deprives him of communication with the sun: the amount of facts collected decreases, according to the number of days he is in privation. The longer he remains locked in darkness, deprived of the light of the sun, the more his sight weakens, and the more the facts collected by his sight decrease; to the extent that, if he remains a number of years without seeing the light of the sun, he has to take the greatest care when returning to light for fear that, if he is suddenly taken out into the midday sun, the membranes of the eye, unused to the flexible movements they must make in order to be in communication with this star, finding themselves in a state of tension, stiffness and hardness, receiving a large number of rays which they cannot obey, and, by their resistance, putting up a new force

against this light, they finally overcome the obstacle itself by rupturing a few large vessels in the body and thus killing the form of the person who wished to get closer to the principle of life too soon.”

Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin – Lyons Lecture

What has just been shared is a small portion of a very esoteric nature. The author is a leader in the Initiatic stream of teachings and was a member of the infamous Elus Cohen. This is part of the Martinist School of esoterica. Martinism is taken by the author of its Doctrine Martinez De Pasqually. Little is known of this man but his Theurgic methods were incomparable and this is why he was considered a great Occultist. Saint-Martin was his student and developed the Inner way as opposed to Pasqually’s Operative or Theurgic way. In the Martinism of Saint-Martin the entire goal of man was to become Reintegrated by inner devotion to the Creator , similar to the Gnostic Pleorma. This is why its not only impossible to see The Sun in its entirety due to the limitations of Time Space, but it is also not probable that one would be able to become fully integrated without the recognition of the Collective Fall, rather than a striving for individual attainment

Briefly this is the picture that is depicted here. It must be said now however that certain details of Martinist Doctrine cannot be shared here, not due to stinginess of the information but because it is not recommended for those who haven’t found their way to it yet. What can be said is that Pasqually’s text “Reintegration of Beings’ can be downloaded by a google search. This text is the core of Martinist thinking. Once familiar with the ideas this card will take on new meaning. The Sun is the visual depiction of the process Pasqually is speaking of.

As a reminder , the studies here are done with extreme amounts of research and are not being presented haphazardly . Its important to see that we’re definitely not talking about some cards to help with “Selfish” pursuits of wealth, health and happiness. But that the cards themselves indicate the Philosophical Gold and that is the Eternal and Unending Source of Wealth, or Abundance Health and Happiness. Let us always remember that in the clouds just beyond the Sun shines always with all its splendor.

In Light and Love.

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