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We are now finishing in this essay the introduction and interpretation of Key 19 of the Tarot titled The Sun. It should be remembered over and over again that the short posts on this site are meant to be an introduction to the topics alluded to in the Tarot Keys. This is similar to a grocery store in the U.S. where people called “vendors” are paid to introduce a new experience with their product , to your palate . You try this new product and then are enticed to buy based upon your experience .

Here it is similar, your receiving certain suggestions of inquiry upon each symbol and are being introduced to the crystallized ideas of the egregor of each of the systems of the Western Mystery Tradition, by contemplating the ideas contained within the geometrical shapes, which inevitably are derived from mathematics, the color of the symbol which will instruct the practitioner in ‘words of power’ of their particular language and the language of the early Hermetic and Rosicrucian Philosophers, the Keys will start to influence the Subconscious areas of the Psyche and the Scroll of the High Priestess will be unraveled.

So we are appropriately taking a change in pace to that of the “sefirot’ which is a plural term for ‘sefira’ these words are emanations and emanation respectively. The two sefirot that this path connects is that of Yesod or ‘Foundation’ and Hod ‘ Knowledge or Intellect’. As we look at the foundation of creation through yesod it will show us there is a creative intelligence in hod. This is to say that manifestation isn’t Chaotic. This is super important to understand because through reverse interpretation the principle says that all Chaos is in its essence Orderly Chaos, meaning has an origin.

This is exactly the teaching of a past avatar called affectionately the Buddha. who said that the First and Second Noble Truth is that there is something called Suffering (Chaos) and an Origin of Suffering (Source of Suffering). Since The Sun is the central point in our Cosmos its also the central point in our Metaphysical universe as well. Therefore its saying in effect to know that the “Intellect” or Hod center precedes the Manifestation or Foundation center. and that this is the work of the Sun. This is the action of the Sun upon the mind to produce the effects of the children dancing , In the BOTA Initiate version the children are dancing in two concentric circles within the inner circle.

Now it is becoming more and more evident that there are real messages in these cards that they can be expounded in countless ways and they are interrelated picture books. Hebrew letters, Tree of Life diagrams, Attributions of Alchemy Astrology and Mathematics and Geometry. All these branches of education and occult science are synthesized in this book called THE TAROCHI

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