Orange You Glad , We Didn’t Say….

Ave Fratres and Sorors

As we are ending our short talks on the 19th Arcanum titled The Sun , it must be remembered that these series of talks are only designed for one purpose. That is , to enable a seeker to find value in the higher College of esoterica and hopefully , to establish contact for the Great Work.

Since we are here being shown a picture of The Sun , it must be remembered that the image is the form in geometrical and mathmatical specifications. Even color can be seen as a form of number and geometry . Since it is a proven fact that sound and color are on the same continuum. We are going to look at the bright orange sun and sort of realize that the louder or Higher the vibration the more indecernable. as we raise our minds from the lowest of the color scale we shall reach orange. Once we are raised to the color orange we shall start to experience the benefits of this “Frequency”. This is somewhat complex for our minds to understand. But imagine that you are saying the WORD “RESH” . eventually as your raise your octaves it will inevitibily pass your range of voice expression. This is where we will depart to mathmatical music ” Theory”. The Theory or Gk. theoria

will bring to mind a idea, but as the definition goes : “conception of a Thing” . This THING called music is a tangible form in the idea of color. When we experience the color Orange, it must be part of the Hebrew word RSH in some way

Let us investigate. In a ritual to a Theoricus which is the 2nd Grade of a Initiate’s ‘Path of Return’ we are told on the lecture on color “Orange has been referred to zeal and enthusiasm and to mental and moral development and self-control.”

Here if we look at the original construction of Tarot , we will inevitably start to find what I like to call “Signs” that we are going down the proper line of reasoning.

Resh is the Hebrew letter for R. Rho is the Greek equivalent . There are very close correlations between Resh and Rho. The Gematria for the letter R is 200 . 200 is also the number of several other words including : to hold fast , to be full of zeal , to bring under control , etc. also though it means Canaanite, BUL is the name of the Canaanite fertility God, and the second WORD of the True name of god in masonic symbolism. JAH is a allusion to Yahweh BUL to the Canaanite god of fertility and ON refers to the name Osiris.

Now let us see why Resh would be numbered 200 and is the same as a Religious Canaanite. This is where the Spirit of the Egregor always comes to aid us once we get in touch with the minors or Regenerated Masters.

The Sun is the link between Hod , and Yesod. We are raising our consciousness from our fertile Sexual center to that of Intellegence or Intellect. Here we are taught the ‘fertile nature’ of our thoughts. This is soo important. BUL the middlename of the Masonic name is for the BUL/WORD of the JAH/FATHER that creates the ON/SON. Osiris is the risen God of the Underworld. Also BUL is the Fertility God. The Canaanites were “Polythiestic” but really this is a doctrine of the ‘Many in the One’. As we start to research we will see that not only do our thoughts impregnate form and create our SUN of guidance but its saying that our WORD is alive. This is totally in sync with R+C thinking and Doctrine. Also it will be seen that the Solar Plexus as described in a previous post is the Manifesting Brain of our Being. The other brain.

Orange which is a color used for the Sun by the Ancients , has been not only attributed to the letter Resh and Rho , but in Hebrew the WORD “Orange’ is KTVM or Katom. but also the word Ketuvim which means “Writings” is also KTVM !

This is another “Sign” also once you Theosophically reduce KTVM =466 /4+6+6=16=1+6=7. 7 is the number for completion ‘sign’ and also a reference to the Seven Planets ‘sign’ of which the center of the “then’ known Cosmos was the Sun. Also Alchemy is about the Work of Regeration or Work of the SUN. It is central to the entire art of Alchemy and is infact the Goal ‘Sign’.

I certainly can go on and on, but i wont. The purpose of this essay was to completely show that there are “signs” in not only the rituals, which are the maps, but the Key of the Tarot itself is a color/form alphabet when used with its allusions can give enough ‘signs’ to start and wonder. Are these simply archaic scenarios and images . or are they Hermetically Sealed Doctrines

At this time I think it appropriate to quote a verse from the Kyballion or Kabbalah . “The lips of Wisdom are closed except to the ears of Understanding”.

In Light and Love

Frater C.M.L.

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