Is There Another Brain??


Today as we discuss the symbolism of the 19th Arcanum titled The Sun, lets focus our energies on the area of the torso , right about the solar plexus. This is said by Hermetic and Rosicrucian Authorities to be the “real” brain. Since the brain of the head is simply for physical functioning, the brain above the Solar Plexus is for meta-physical functioning.

I don’t think its a coincidence that this area of the body is named the Solar Plexus. The entire symbolism of The Sun is focused upon this area and a mystical process titled Regeneration.

Regeneration of the personality is our individual goal for a larger process called Reintegration for the collective. This process is the end of all mystical schools , including the well known but very obscure language and symbolism of Hermetic Alchemy.

In Inner Hermetic Alchemy the body is used as a vessel to make the alchemical processes refine and transmute the elements in the personality and eventually integrate the serpentine element called Kundalini by the East. In the west we call this Reintegration with Omneity. The Taoists called this process the Crystal Body in a popular text titled Secret of the Golden Flower. Similarly in Buddhist tantric teachings we have the mind of Luminosity or Main Mind , which many Tibetan commentators call “clear and knowing”.

It would benefit the practitioner at this time to bring attention to the Hebrew yods falling from The Sun. Not only does the Yod include all letters as the “seed” of the Hebrew alphabet, but there are three seeds. In Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin’s lecture to the Elus Cohen at Lyons, he states that all creation is made within the primal 3 matras , not to be mistaken with “Mantra” matras are an arabic term related to the elements of alchemy commonly known as Mercury Sulpher and Salt. These according to a masterful and detailed series of lectures by Saint-Martin, are to be the original unformed elements and that by them the entire cosmos was constructed.
This my friends, is just a glimpse of the Martinist views of the early Renaissance , and has deep affiliation with Masonic and Rosicrucian teachings. If we are to see this marvelous pack of cards as simply a fortune telling system or a personality development system, that is all and well. I for one see them as a masterful system of instruction on the deepest mysteries of the Western Initiatic Tradition.

The reason we used the Marsalies version here is to indicate the common elements in Tarot before the artistic changes of Waite and further developments from Crowley and PF Case. As can be seen in the early Itallian deck these images were being presented long before the formation of The Golden Dawn of the late 1800’s.

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