Who am I to Judge

Ave Brothers and Sisters of the Light!

Welcome to the Gnostic Tarot Blog and our discussion of tarot card titled Judgement or Key 20. In the 20th arcanum we are presented with mainly the figures in the front being summoned by the call of the angel up top and out of this resurection the figures seem gray for dead human beings, and like the day of judgement in our popularized version of this concept.

However this isn’t the call at all. The figures are actually representations of the states of mind that are being summoned by the angel. The call is by the trumpet with seven lines representing seven sounds. but most importantly is the sepulchers that are being opened.

Here our risen beings are being risen out of their third dimensional consciousness to a forth dimension . Now this idea seams silly at first but if we look at the childs sepulcher the top is completely gone. representing the innocence of a child and the limitlessness of that mind. Here in the key the graves are on the ocean not the dirt. They aren’t buried on a grave they are buried at sea or as water in esoteric symbolism always represents the Subconscious or Unconscious.

Out of this ocean of souls rises out of the third dimensional a forth dimension that is completely out of our perception of time, space, and causation. This is the breaking free of Mara in the Hindu tradition and the call of the higher to our minds that exists in the higher states of dimension. In the forth dimension there is no time , space , or causation. This is why the judgement card isn’t a bad or scary card. We aren’t judged by the Past , Present and Future of our minds. We aren’t held in bondage to the Space of our immediate vicinity or the Causation of our deductive reasoning. In fact it is the forth dimensional judgement that is the day of judgement. This is why Buddha himself said that ” karma is the most subtle and difficult of teachings”. The Buddha was Awake.

Perhaps this arcanum will allow us as a human race to start and have compassion on others and ourselves. That there is no reason to project our guilt onto another because of fear of death, and that after all , we can’t fathom the judgement that will take place because in order to do that we would have to be in the forth dimension of consciousness unlimited by Time, Space and Causation.

In Light and Love

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum