The Final Judgement??

Ave brothers and sisters of the light!

Here we are presented with the 20th Arcanum and most of the evident symbols are that of death, judgement and some kind of angel blowing a trumpet. This isn’t the actual meaning of the card. Nor does it mean that once we die we will be judged by gods seven seals… blah blah. The card was designed this way to pass through the Orthodoxy of the scrutinizing public officials of early medieval Europe.

The actual doctrine of this key is pretty complex. As we talked about in our last “conventicle” , we said that the seven rays of sound were related to the seven ‘chakras’ of the Indian philosophical tradition. What wasn’t discussed was how this element is activated and why the figures are positioned the way they are and depicted in our key.

The Hebrew letter that corresponds with this key is Shin.
Shin is called one of three mother letters in a Kabbalistic treatise called Sepher Yetzerah. The particular attribution to this Letter is Fire and the name Tooth. As we have been instructed from the builders of the Mystery Schools of antiquity . The Fire and Tooth represent the assimilation of food and the energy produced from that action. Here the assimilation is that of a spiritual substance producing an effect of fire in the spiritual body composed primarily of the seven chakras and nerve currents and channels.

In our definition of the word Judgement means “completion” or a Finalizing of a process. Not the last judgement of the church and has no eschatological connections whatsoever. Here is showed a great method of the east regarding sound and the chakras. The words of power or mantras are the building principles of the manifest universe. This is in accordance with the Buddhist Vajrayana and Raja Yoga schools of the East and the works of Hellenistic Egypt and Pythagorean philosophies as well.

It is no real surprise that form is a manifestation of Vibratory powers and that from this ultimate realm of sound form shape and color take place. In this Key its depicted that a shaping sound will release us from our graves of corporeal existence and the bondage of the third dimensional restriction.

In light and love

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum