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Now we are making a shift from the card titled Judgement to the Key titled The Sun. As you can see the card chosen for our study is the marseilles card. One because this deck is one of the oldest and second is because the popular Rider-Waite Deck shows an entirely different scene. In the Western Tradition of Mystery Schools and Fraternal Societies, the Key is pictured in the same scene shown here.There are two children , The Sun and its rays, the wall and water , and the divine drops. These elements are going to be the ‘basis’ of our study and the interpretation of these symbols will be given in several seperate essays , as usual.

There seams to be a ‘typo’ in the title of this post to some, Sumer spelled without the proper seasonal attributes is the first supposed meaning, actually the spelling is intentional and indicates some deep History behind the methods and teachings of the Tarot Keys. The Art or Great Work of the Sumerians as passed to the Chaledeans , Egyptians, and finally to the Jewish tribes of Israel and the ‘Hieros Gamos’ of the Hellenistic Gnostics. All the teachings upon the Secret Essence in the Eastern School of Tantric Buddhism called Vajrayana, can also be summed up in this key. Though it shows the actual manifestation and not the cause or mediating influence but the result titled “Regeneration”.

Regeneration is a term that eventually we will get into in more depth, as far as can be said of the topic. This spiritual principle is the main secret behind ‘Spiritual Alchemy’ and other practices. The Tarot Key 19 titled ‘The Sun’ is similar to our interpretation of The 18th Key titled ‘The Moon’. This card doesn’t point to our conventional idea of The Sun in the known cosmos or even the other galaxies and suns thereof, when the Key calls this force ‘The Sun’ its talking about its spiritual essence and not the thing that we see daily. The reason its titled ‘The Sun’ is because this key is sun ‘like’. That is one of the Keys to interpretation. The symbols aren’t literal objects but unknown elements of the picture indicated. With deep Kabbalistic and Spiritual Truth embedded within we can start to infer what the meaning is by the concentration of the mind.

This Key isn’t very simple at all and requires deep analysis. It holds so many ‘passwords’ so to speak of other grades of consciousness. For the time being though we will just start to touch upon the aspect of Reintegration or Regeneration as being the recapturing of the youthful mind. The mind of the child isn’t dumb. its inexperienced, yet its experience is very valid when you look at the concept of time. As a linear progression from one spatial point to another. Time would be the duration between the gaps . Therefore the one who says that children are to be “seen and not heard” is passing up the wisdom of the Universal Spirit for the conflicted and limited perspective of the so called ‘Adult’.

In a spacial context this card reaches beyond because it doesn’t show that the two forces are aware of their separateness. When the sun shines on the mind of man the delusions of the mind cease to hold weight, In buddhism this is called ‘Enlightenment” the clarity of the mind is shown for the first time through meditative means and in the stillness time space, causation and duration become “Conceptual Labels” and not “Reality”. The mind is not exactly what most of us take it to be, sure it can compute, and discern, analyze and infer, deduce solutions from seeming difficult problems. Yet these functions are part of the repair on the damage of its cause. The mind as said by the buddhists is “Clear and Knowing” is the mind of The Sun. The ever shining always present light of our real essence. Maybe this is why the child is so happy. Their minds aren’t developed enough to suffer as bad as us “mature” adults.

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