Seven Rays of Light and Sound

Ave fellow seekers of Light.

As mentioned in the previous post. We are embarking upon a new phase of our journey, one that will leave us in utter possession of another piece of the puzzle of our ancient arcanum of the Tarot.

As these papers are mainly meant as an aid to study , its impossible to completely exhaust the possibilities of each key to teach and illuminate its possessor. What will be done, if anything is hopefully do what we are aiming to explain has already taken place. The process of salvation has already been completed . Our problem, if you wish to call it that, is to become aware with this solution to our state of existence and beingness.

Enough said. Here we will find there are Seven sounds that are being projected from the trumpet of the angel Gabriel. In this picture its the manifestation of deeper causes. Therefore this is the reason the card shows the image of an external sound. Because it isn’t concerned so much with the causes as the actual manifestation of the cause and mediator directly depicted above it and termed “Realization” in the process of the Seven step method of the tarot.

Each sound projection represents a different sphere or center so to speak and is highly related to the “wheel”. Since the card “judgement” is used to represent the 20th arcanum for a moment we will digress to the symbolism of numbers again in tarot. As mentioned earlier each symbol , attribute and correlation of the Tarot Keys are anything but arbitrarily set on the card. In fact each and every image, color , letter, word, number. and sign means a infinite amount of things that can be interrelated in the world of the Occult Sciences. This is why the Tarot holds such an amazing position in the Mystery Schools, not only by its design, archetypes, but the forces energies and powers that are released by ” those who know” how to use the pack of cards.

In Numerical symbolism of the Key , the number represents first the power and cause and the result or manifestation of the cause. Here its the 0 brought about by the power of 2 which we have not covered yet. Needless to say the number 20 is only paralleled by the number 10 as the numbers with zeros in them. the card with the attribute of 10 is the Wheel of Fortune. We wont go into the symbolism but know that since we are tracing backward all the powers and causes of the entire arcanum 0-20 goes into the symbolism of this card. Each key represents the prior elements of its foundation in causes and is the final manifestation of the causes before it.

As 10 represents the arcanum of the “wheel” we are also to pay close attention to the seven “wheels” or hindu chakras. In the western tradition the “Great Work” is to be performed upon this base element. The chakras are the centers that are being called into operation here by the seven sounds also representing the seven rays of light and the seven chakras or planets.

In the key the angel Gabriel is calling with all seven sounds representing the entire sphere of our senses and energy centers. This means that when the completion of the work is done the process is going to take into account our spiritual centers which are called “wheels” and referred in our key to as the seven sounds.

In Light and Love

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum