Journey into The Sun

Ave brothers and sisters of Light!

Here we are continuing our discussion and studies upon the 19th Arcanum titled The Sun. In the conversations with everyone about these keys, its to be remembered that they were invented by the adepts of The Western Mystery Tradition. These adepts were thinkers of the highest capacity. Here we have discussed the general symbols and how our Tradition sees them, but its indispensable to be trained with an actual study of the schools because there are methods that aren’t being discussed here, not because of a lack of information,but because experience has its own time line.

Without further commentary let us focus upon the symbol of just The Sun first. As can be easily seen there are eight straight rays and eight curvy rays. There are 125 lines behind the sun as well. There is a picture of a man and also drops descending from the sun in the colors red , yellow and blue.

There are so many levels of teaching in just these brief descriptions. Like for instance in Kabbalah as taught by Isaac Luria or his honorific name The Ari, gave teachings called “Etz Chayim” or ” Tree of Life” . Lurianic Kabbalah is based upon the works of The Ari. Further expounded by Rav (which means teacher) Yehuda Ashlag. Rav Ashlag or his honorific name Baal Ha Sulam which means “the master of the ladder” wrote a commentary on “Etz Chayim” titled “Talmud Eser Sefirot”. This work is in Hebrew and is quite technical . Talmud Eser Sefirot or Ten Luminious Emmanations is the major commentary of The Ari’s text and includes Etz Chayim, unfortunately the entire treatise is only available in Hebrew, translations are supposedly being developed but as of yet there is no progress on the complete works.

NOTE: If the reader is interested in Lurianic Kabbalah there is a site that is an authentic school called Bnei Baruch. This site is incomparable to any other and the most beloved Dr. Michael Laitman is the real decendent of Lurianic Kabbalah! Best of all the teachings are FREE!

continuing … Another work by Rav Ashlag is The Sulam Commentary or The Ladder Commentary , here is my deepest intuition of the reason for 125 lines. The Zohar written by Simon Bar Yochai in the 1st to 5th century is a commentary on the first five books of the Hebrew Bible called Torah. in the Sulam Commentary , Rav Ashlag comments upon The Zohar. Here is explained that each Rav of the Zohar represents 1 Sefirot and each word has a Sefirotic Root. Every Letter has a metaphysical teaching and the sole point is to rise 125 levels to the highest attainment in the teaching , these levels aren’t arbitrary they are actual levels of the sefirot and “olam” or worlds. With this complex system the path to spiritual enlightenment is laid out before us in Lurianic Kabbalah. Bnei Baruch goes into great depth and in the author’s strict but non derogatory assessment is far deeper and more grounded in truth than its counterpart the infamous Kabbalah Center. ( Can’t say much about Kabbalah Center, Berg’s lawyers are very interested in maintaining the name and reputation of this organization to the extent that it can’t be mentioned much without serious repercussions)

This is Authentic Kabbalah. What we have inherited is a symbolic version of this system called The Mystical Kabbalah or Practical Kabbalah. So whats all this have to do with fortune cards?? Well maybe the number 125 is arbitrary but i doubt it, even when referred to by exponents of the Western Mystery Schools the number is 5X5X5 which is explained by Laitman in the Zohar as the Partzufim and Sefirot including a deep teaching about “Zeir Anpin” which as an oversimplification includes Six Sefirot: Chesed, Gevurah , Tifferet, Netzach, Hod and Yesod. The Lurianic count this group as 1 Called the Countanance or Zeir Anpin , Translated as “Small Face”

Like i said this card has Deep Teachings. Alchemical , Magical, Hermetic, Rosicrucian and many more schools can be expounded by the simple symbol here of the sun its 8 straight rays, 8 curvy rays, 125 other lines, face and color. Not to mention the drops..

For brevity sake we will stop here, but hopefully the reader will start to grasp the concepts that are being presented. They are not arbitrary and please if interested in Authentic Kabbalah visit Bnei Baruch, its amazing when combined with our Authentic Western Tradition.

In Solar Light and Love

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