Hades, Pluto and Horus

Ave Fraters and Sorors

In this finalization of the 20th Arcanum titled Judgement, we are considering the Gods of World Mythology attributed to this path. The work on this portion of our study is going to come primarily from renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell. Joseph Campbell’s The Masks of God is a superbly written work, and should be referenced constantly in regard to the mythological motifs and concepts behind our Tree of Life.

Hades as we all know is the God of the Underworld, but what does that mean? I believe that the term underworld is exactly what it says “under” the “world”, but what world? In kabbalah we are taught about the “four olamim”or Worlds. This conception is a piece of complex Kabbalism, and should be understood when dealing with the tree. As this is the channel from Malkuth, which represents sensate living and manifestations thereof, we are taken into the realm of the densest expression of the depicted “Solar Fire”. As Persephone is coaxed to the underworld by a peculiar looking flower, the goddess is defiled and sent into servitude. In the popularized version of the story, Persephone is taken and Hecate, her mother ,makes a plea to Hades to release her. Hades concedes ,and lets Persephone have her freedom , but only partially. Here the initiate’s of our Western Mystery Tradition hold up a stalk of grain, to symbolize her victorious emergence. Pluto is similar to the Greek Hades, but is the Roman Version. In Pluto lies a mystery of Astronomical Truth , and depicts the travels of the sun through the darkness and its emergence as well.

When we discuss Horus, it is well known that he is the Son of Isis and Osiris. Horus was the Son aspect of the Sun God. Before the adoption of Ra, Horus represented the child god, he is also related to Harpocrates. This in turn is probably deeply related to the Elusinian and Isis cults . Since Horus was part of the established Royal Pharaohs along with an immortalized Osiris , Egyptians would have known that the two would have symbolized each other and deeply impressed Silence upon the minds of the Initiate. In our modern tradition there is a phrase “ TO KNOW, TO WILL, TO DARE AND BE SILENT”. For the Hellenistic traditions held Silence to be a portal to actual Gnosis and Wisdom. In the myth of Horus he is set against a dual force called Set. This was the eternal conflict of the opposites, Horus however was able to produce reconciliation which is what the late CG Jung called the psychological solution to our one-sidedness. Therefore the figures rising out of the caskets not only represent the reconciliation of the opposites but the intervention of the divine Fire that guides the risen spirit through the process of Harmonization and Equilibrium.

Thought for the Day: Here we will try something new. In the analysis of the previous Keys, there has been much conceptual thinking and less emphasis upon practical application of the Tarot itself. This is actually not the intention of these essays, in fact the whole intention is to supplement, and add to the already practiced art of Divination and development of the Magical Intuition. So from now on we will have an application of practical nature, therefore, eliminating the aspect of pure abstraction and no practice.

Here goes: For 5 minutes clear your mind of any distractions of polarization, meaning when it comes to the difficult times of the day’s activities, make no judgment on them . Attempt to bring the mind to complete rest, and silence. Take deep breathes as this will stimulate the auric system, and produce new thoughts which in turn, make new thought-forms ,and influence the external situation in a different way. Instead of trying to understand the problem or conflict , make efforts to forget about it temporarily. Once you’re sure that your sounds are coming from the Triumphant Fire within , rather than Chaotic Hades outside, take a fresh look at the situation with the light of your inner Sun of Horus , and see the world through the Divine Child Harpocrates eyes.

In light and love

(Special Thanks to my Beloved Wife for the editorial work)