The Moon – Evolution of consciousness.

Ave Brothers and Sisters of Light!The crustacean on this card always reminds me of the popular Disney cartoon “The Little Mermaid”. In this popular 90’s cartoon is a very nice indicator of the attitude most of us take in relation to the path of return. As the main character Ariel is curious of the world above the sea, she makes a deal with a Octopus that is considered the Demiurge of the sea, she grants favors in exchange for bondage in fragile states of servitude if the conditions aren’t met. As Ariel , which we can see easily as a soul or the kabbalistic “Shekinah” she is forced to make a deal with this Witch for the ability to transcend her present bondage of the sea, which she is only aware of because of a hint of contact from above by her prince. This prince can be the Christos of our Gnostic tradition and the contact is the representation of Sophia giving “Gnosis” of another dimension. Of course Ariel pays a price for this transformation which is the loss of her voice. In her Father’s Palace she was a Princess and Singer. This is the sacrifice that is made for our travel, the Notoriety of the world or what is more commonly referred as ” the chains of gold” are our comfortable positions of fulfillment and are usually demanded to be fulfilled or else.

At any rate this crustacean is provoked to help “Ariel” and then is put in all kinds of dangerous situations. Like being cooked and Even encounters with a dog!! Of course as a King’s Daughter Ariel is eventually given her legs and is granted a life beyond her common sea life and lives happy

This story so indicative of Goethe’s Faust is the Soul that makes a pact with the Demiurge or Devil and is given all the pleasures of the sea, or unconscious and unenlightened state of existence. Yet eventually making a escape in St Johns stanza , “Oh happy chance..” And guided by the sun and its dim reflection from the moon, we are able to start the path to our destiny which is our unification with and identification of the Christos ..
In Light and Love

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