The dogs and the yod.

Ave Fraters and Sorrors

I chose this topic because first i have a dog in the yard but its obvious as we come to the end of this key that the most outstanding symbols are the dogs and the yard/yod’s .

Yod is a Hebrew letter that is universally agreed to be the letter from which all letters arise from. So its very peculiar that in our moon, which is yellow by the way, there is ten Yods falling from the 3 moon phases. This isn’t by mistake. In the name of YHVH which is entwined in a very complex matrix of Hebrew metaphysics and Jewish tradition, the Yod is the primal source, the point in the circle so to speak.

So instead of going into a lecture on YHVH i would like to keep it related to the 18th Arcanum and the present symbols available. As we see the dogs are howling at the moon but the moon isn’t actually happy. This could mean that there has been a disruption in the forces and energies of the moon sphere, in kabbalah called Yesod.

As the seed of creation is the Yod, the manifesting force of the creation is obviously the Metaphysical Mother or He in Hebrew is the H of YHVH this is the opposite force of the Yod which is still divine, simply it is the reflection of a creative force which is divine form! not as some Misogynists would say Female and inferior. Also im not a Male hater or a Male privilege promoter. This is so much beyond that. so skeptic beware!

As we were saying most of the seen manifestations of this Divine Form is the Moon and World the world is our physical existence and the Moon is Astral , albeit a low grade of that wonderful light, but it is considered the Astral Light nonetheless. The Dog’s are in a popular initiation ritual of the G.D. called “the enterer of the threshold” the forces that will judge the candidate in the afterlife, the “dog faced demons” they aren’t friendly usually snarling and similar to Dante’s Cerberus. Also these dogs in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, are considered to do whats called a “negative confession” where the aspirant is accused of transgressions, or sins. But the sins here are in the original meaning of the word which is to “miss the mark” this is why the reflected light is disappointed. because in the “negative confession” the sphere of yesod usually ties up the aspirant in the form of sexual misdirection or downright defilement.

There are powerful energies and subtle elements in relation to this force that is embodied by Yesod. They are like playing with fire if not understood . In this exact way is the cycle of reincarnation perpetuated in Buddhist thinking and Dharma. The aspirant is overwhelmed by attachment to forms and desires of the lower self. called by western tradition “Personality”. This personality is the individualized unit of the Yod force. As the personality falls into matter from the Sphere of Beauty it becomes defiled by its degradation or downsizing. In Tibetian Book of the Dead. The aspirant is asked to relinquish the need for attachment to colorful light forms and to eliminate attachment to the astral world. Thereby centralizing the subtle “Winds”. The methods of the Vajrayana are similar to our Western method of Spiritual Alchemy

As we come to the end of this essay it should be taken into consideration the Nature of form its origin and the concepts in the Arcanum. For if we persist in the “consecration of our tools” we shall initiate our path in the great work

In light and love

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum.