Cycles of our lives

Ave brothers and sisters of the LUNAR Light!

The times certainly are changing! This is the intuition that finally presented itself after researching the moon 18th Arcanum. So as i approached the study of the 18th key, i was taken aback by all the symbolism of the moon and how it has been held from view for centuries. What could be appropriately referred to as “the dark ages” for me took on a whole new meaning. Never have i witnessed such a widespread suppression of this arcane concept.

Truly, it is amazing how the primitive attributes, ideas and correspondences between the lunar mother and her essential foundations in consciousness have been suppressed or altogether omitted. Thousands of years, have passed and only in the last 2 millennia has the moon taken a truly invisible relationship to our consciousness.

It’s no wonder that the ideas , energies, and etchings of myth and magic of the moon have been eradicated from most conciousness.Psychology has stated that sentient beings with self-consciousness have been driven by only 2 major drives, that toward life, or Eros, and that away from death and loss called Thanatos. Our work is done in the sun our lives are lived in the sun and our memories are made most archived and accessible through daytime activities. The night has been seen as a time to avoid the frightening and terrible images of menace of the spooky, weird and occult. Not to treat in reverence, draw energy, and create. But as our Mystic brethren and kin would be quick to remind us, the moon as our reminder of the subconciousness is where creation takes place, in fact we are being rejuvenated by the light of the night, and given our supply of energy to distribute as we will, for the most part, in our communion with the sun and shared ideals of work and exertion.

In our card the moon we have the primitive ideas of creation from the stone to the gods, in hermetic literature this would be referred as the principle of correspondence. Where we have an evolution from the grossest embodiment of form to the subtlest element of form and eventually on to the formless. In popular metaphysics it’s constantly reiterated that thoughts are things, therefore possessing form, and to take the principle further in the Emerald Tablet, Hermes gave a statement ” as above, so below”, meaning as it is in formless so it is in the formed. But as logic would infer, how can the formless create the formed, this is very appropriately referred in Kabbalistic thinking as the “mystery of the creator’s essence” , where the kabbalists have taken a respectful vow of silence, in referring back to the name “Azmuto” which means ” we don’t know” or ” can’t say anything about it”.

However, we must go back to the present topic at hand, where i fear that too much diversion into epistemology will create an entire slew of questions that the present essay doesn’t deal with. We are then confronted with the correspondence of the rock, plant, crustacean, dog, wolf, moon, sun, and seed ideas of the light which is the little drops that fall from our picture. In the secret mystery tradition this key is used to unlock the forces of manifestation and give birth to dreams and aspirations of the initiate and to bring certain effects into realization in the consciousness and life of the mystic traveler, First by remembering that the 18th Arcanum is made from the essence of the mother, which also embodies the ideas of cycle, form, birth, death, and other such cyclical structures, in short it is the nature of our divine mother. Second to remind us of the journey we are taking, not from our human form to the gods, but from our rock, plant, animal & human evolution because of our desire to experience union with our “Homeland”. This key reminds us that we are on the path from our brute like mentality to that of the gods, as the carpenter said and the Christos reminds us of, Yea, this and many other things shall ye do also, If we can truly embrace in our lives the seed ideas of the light, and raise our consciousness to where we have come from, then and only then will be pass through the fences of ignorance into the light of our mother and father’s proverbial arms.

In light

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum