The dogs and the yod.

Ave Fraters and Sorrors

I chose this topic because first i have a dog in the yard but its obvious as we come to the end of this key that the most outstanding symbols are the dogs and the yard/yod’s .

Yod is a Hebrew letter that is universally agreed to be the letter from which all letters arise from. So its very peculiar that in our moon, which is yellow by the way, there is ten Yods falling from the 3 moon phases. This isn’t by mistake. In the name of YHVH which is entwined in a very complex matrix of Hebrew metaphysics and Jewish tradition, the Yod is the primal source, the point in the circle so to speak.

So instead of going into a lecture on YHVH i would like to keep it related to the 18th Arcanum and the present symbols available. As we see the dogs are howling at the moon but the moon isn’t actually happy. This could mean that there has been a disruption in the forces and energies of the moon sphere, in kabbalah called Yesod.

As the seed of creation is the Yod, the manifesting force of the creation is obviously the Metaphysical Mother or He in Hebrew is the H of YHVH this is the opposite force of the Yod which is still divine, simply it is the reflection of a creative force which is divine form! not as some Misogynists would say Female and inferior. Also im not a Male hater or a Male privilege promoter. This is so much beyond that. so skeptic beware!

As we were saying most of the seen manifestations of this Divine Form is the Moon and World the world is our physical existence and the Moon is Astral , albeit a low grade of that wonderful light, but it is considered the Astral Light nonetheless. The Dog’s are in a popular initiation ritual of the G.D. called “the enterer of the threshold” the forces that will judge the candidate in the afterlife, the “dog faced demons” they aren’t friendly usually snarling and similar to Dante’s Cerberus. Also these dogs in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, are considered to do whats called a “negative confession” where the aspirant is accused of transgressions, or sins. But the sins here are in the original meaning of the word which is to “miss the mark” this is why the reflected light is disappointed. because in the “negative confession” the sphere of yesod usually ties up the aspirant in the form of sexual misdirection or downright defilement.

There are powerful energies and subtle elements in relation to this force that is embodied by Yesod. They are like playing with fire if not understood . In this exact way is the cycle of reincarnation perpetuated in Buddhist thinking and Dharma. The aspirant is overwhelmed by attachment to forms and desires of the lower self. called by western tradition “Personality”. This personality is the individualized unit of the Yod force. As the personality falls into matter from the Sphere of Beauty it becomes defiled by its degradation or downsizing. In Tibetian Book of the Dead. The aspirant is asked to relinquish the need for attachment to colorful light forms and to eliminate attachment to the astral world. Thereby centralizing the subtle “Winds”. The methods of the Vajrayana are similar to our Western method of Spiritual Alchemy

As we come to the end of this essay it should be taken into consideration the Nature of form its origin and the concepts in the Arcanum. For if we persist in the “consecration of our tools” we shall initiate our path in the great work

In light and love

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum.

Secrets of the Moon

Ave Fraters and Sorrors

As we all know there is so many things that we can talk about and give detailed descriptions on this topic, Actually the symbolism of the Tarot keys can NEVER be exhausted. The only thing we can do is use the imagery and conceptual ideas embedded in the symbol to awaken a ‘inner light’ which is the ALL of the hermetic philosophers. Therefore as it is usually depicted this key is related to the sphere of the Archetypal Moon and the Kabbalistic correlation is Yesod.

Yesod , among other things is the vessel most closely related to the sexuality and creative manifestations of the initiate’s conceptual thinking and energies of the psyche. Its not difficult when we use the tarot keys themselves to explain this process. The number of the tarot key is just as important as the imagery itself. In our present path the key is that of 18. this is based upon a 10 digit system of numerical philosophy and is known as the number of cause and effect. For example the Key of the number 1 is that of the magician which is attention and all the ideas related to that key, The key of the number 8 is that of Strength and is pictured as the control of a lion force by a woman. The cards are beautiful in the Waite deck but every color image number attribution is a deep mystery that is only understood by proper instruction and training.

So in this brief survey of the 18th Arcanum we have the ideas of attention of the Magician will bring Strength of the Female aspect over the Lion in relation to the Moon symbolism. This is the secret that leads to the Gnostic “bridal chamber”. The bridal chamber can be said to be like a hidden union with the divine through a consort and love manifested. This is the path of our decent and not the ascent , for us returning we are actually learning valuable ways of controlling , (Not Suppression) and directing, the sexual force that is hinted at within the key. This is why the 18th key shows so many different forms of the evolution of species from plant to the “MAN” of the philosophers.

In actuality this secret is given many times in the Tarot keys and is actually from Sumer in the times of Mesopotamia and has been popularized through Egyptian and Eastern philosophy, till it has ended up on our cards as the Great Work. To the initiate this will all be obvious. The method however is the secret , which i must confess i haven’t learned from the western tradition. However from the Vajrayana teachings in Tibet the commentary on the Kalachakra tantra talks about Winds , Drops and Channels. Note that in a published book by PF Case called Hermetic Alchemy the keys to this system are also discussed in relation to Tarot.

To the advanced initiate the next thing that might jump out about the keys is that there are two pillars and the path of this key is between them. In Vajrayana teachings the Winds must be centralized and can’t exist in polarization or reside in the left or right. The published teachings of a neophyte call these two channels pillars and are a ritualistic way of anchoring the psyche of the individual to this form of practice.

Till we all are filled with light

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum

Cycles of our lives

Ave brothers and sisters of the LUNAR Light!

The times certainly are changing! This is the intuition that finally presented itself after researching the moon 18th Arcanum. So as i approached the study of the 18th key, i was taken aback by all the symbolism of the moon and how it has been held from view for centuries. What could be appropriately referred to as “the dark ages” for me took on a whole new meaning. Never have i witnessed such a widespread suppression of this arcane concept.

Truly, it is amazing how the primitive attributes, ideas and correspondences between the lunar mother and her essential foundations in consciousness have been suppressed or altogether omitted. Thousands of years, have passed and only in the last 2 millennia has the moon taken a truly invisible relationship to our consciousness.

It’s no wonder that the ideas , energies, and etchings of myth and magic of the moon have been eradicated from most conciousness.Psychology has stated that sentient beings with self-consciousness have been driven by only 2 major drives, that toward life, or Eros, and that away from death and loss called Thanatos. Our work is done in the sun our lives are lived in the sun and our memories are made most archived and accessible through daytime activities. The night has been seen as a time to avoid the frightening and terrible images of menace of the spooky, weird and occult. Not to treat in reverence, draw energy, and create. But as our Mystic brethren and kin would be quick to remind us, the moon as our reminder of the subconciousness is where creation takes place, in fact we are being rejuvenated by the light of the night, and given our supply of energy to distribute as we will, for the most part, in our communion with the sun and shared ideals of work and exertion.

In our card the moon we have the primitive ideas of creation from the stone to the gods, in hermetic literature this would be referred as the principle of correspondence. Where we have an evolution from the grossest embodiment of form to the subtlest element of form and eventually on to the formless. In popular metaphysics it’s constantly reiterated that thoughts are things, therefore possessing form, and to take the principle further in the Emerald Tablet, Hermes gave a statement ” as above, so below”, meaning as it is in formless so it is in the formed. But as logic would infer, how can the formless create the formed, this is very appropriately referred in Kabbalistic thinking as the “mystery of the creator’s essence” , where the kabbalists have taken a respectful vow of silence, in referring back to the name “Azmuto” which means ” we don’t know” or ” can’t say anything about it”.

However, we must go back to the present topic at hand, where i fear that too much diversion into epistemology will create an entire slew of questions that the present essay doesn’t deal with. We are then confronted with the correspondence of the rock, plant, crustacean, dog, wolf, moon, sun, and seed ideas of the light which is the little drops that fall from our picture. In the secret mystery tradition this key is used to unlock the forces of manifestation and give birth to dreams and aspirations of the initiate and to bring certain effects into realization in the consciousness and life of the mystic traveler, First by remembering that the 18th Arcanum is made from the essence of the mother, which also embodies the ideas of cycle, form, birth, death, and other such cyclical structures, in short it is the nature of our divine mother. Second to remind us of the journey we are taking, not from our human form to the gods, but from our rock, plant, animal & human evolution because of our desire to experience union with our “Homeland”. This key reminds us that we are on the path from our brute like mentality to that of the gods, as the carpenter said and the Christos reminds us of, Yea, this and many other things shall ye do also, If we can truly embrace in our lives the seed ideas of the light, and raise our consciousness to where we have come from, then and only then will be pass through the fences of ignorance into the light of our mother and father’s proverbial arms.

In light

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum

The Moon – Evolution of consciousness.

Ave Brothers and Sisters of Light!The crustacean on this card always reminds me of the popular Disney cartoon “The Little Mermaid”. In this popular 90’s cartoon is a very nice indicator of the attitude most of us take in relation to the path of return. As the main character Ariel is curious of the world above the sea, she makes a deal with a Octopus that is considered the Demiurge of the sea, she grants favors in exchange for bondage in fragile states of servitude if the conditions aren’t met. As Ariel , which we can see easily as a soul or the kabbalistic “Shekinah” she is forced to make a deal with this Witch for the ability to transcend her present bondage of the sea, which she is only aware of because of a hint of contact from above by her prince. This prince can be the Christos of our Gnostic tradition and the contact is the representation of Sophia giving “Gnosis” of another dimension. Of course Ariel pays a price for this transformation which is the loss of her voice. In her Father’s Palace she was a Princess and Singer. This is the sacrifice that is made for our travel, the Notoriety of the world or what is more commonly referred as ” the chains of gold” are our comfortable positions of fulfillment and are usually demanded to be fulfilled or else.

At any rate this crustacean is provoked to help “Ariel” and then is put in all kinds of dangerous situations. Like being cooked and Even encounters with a dog!! Of course as a King’s Daughter Ariel is eventually given her legs and is granted a life beyond her common sea life and lives happy

This story so indicative of Goethe’s Faust is the Soul that makes a pact with the Demiurge or Devil and is given all the pleasures of the sea, or unconscious and unenlightened state of existence. Yet eventually making a escape in St Johns stanza , “Oh happy chance..” And guided by the sun and its dim reflection from the moon, we are able to start the path to our destiny which is our unification with and identification of the Christos ..
In Light and Love

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The 18th Arcanum

Ave brothers and sisters of the light!

Hello again, we are now beginning a short series of studies for our next tarot key on the 18th Arcanum called the Moon. It has very overt symbolism. There is obvious things like the crab, wolf dog towers moon in 3 phases water. etc. The object of these studies isn’t to point out the obvious. Rather the intent of these short essays is to point out some elements that have been said just not altogether. From several tarot commentators and the initiatory traditions of the west and east. For instance in the common commentaries on the tarot we are told of the astrological significance of the water Pisces and the moon. This isn’t really gnosis in the sense that we are going to achieve a insight of the dynamics of the self other than that of the mechanics of the astrological spheres.

What we are aiming at is the “Gnosis” of the card, so to speak , in respect to the actual experience of awareness and using the symbol as a form of concentration on the ideas present in the Arcanum our goal is not to achieve anything other than a union with our highest idea of being or Self. As every element of the tarot Arcanum is related to the individual and interior forces and elements it is important to see that the 18th key is telling us something of a involution and evolution depending upon which way we are traveling. One can travel the path of discovery from the fool to the world or the path of return from the world to that of the fool. We are using the inductive approach and are starting from our most dense state of consciousness in the Arcanum of the world ,then to the moon where we are presently.

So…. the most obvious of this card is a very widely stated archetype in the wisdom literature of the east and the west , The Moon. Notice the marking of the statement “the “moon which represents a archetype as we are not talking about astrological moons since as we know from modern science that most of the planets all have a moon or even several. So this isn’t related to a physical moon. Rather The Moon is represented by the interior moon of consciousness. The Moon of the mind. Since the moon is highly related to the night or darkness. We are talking about the light that shines even when we aren’t aware its there. Since as we also know from science that the moon has no light of its own but is a reflection of the light from the sun.
A simple play on words will really bring about the aforementioned meaning coming from the Corpus Hermeticum book 1 ” the word is the son of god”. The word is the light or sun in the unconscious , further we are told that ” that which sees or hears is the son of god”. this is the word that is manifested from the light. So here we are taken to the idea of the Word which is the same as the Masonic Lost Word. The reason its lost is because the Meaning of the archetype “word” or LOGOS is lost except to those upon the path of return and that are reclaiming the birthright of the SONS of GOD. This is the meaning of the road to the hills its a golden road . So since these essays are intended to be short and not 7 paragraphs long, we shall end here , but it must be remembered that the symbols of the tarot only have significance to the psyche and inner constitution of the individual they are meant to be individual representations to the process of individuation or more simply put, guides to free association.

They are a channel for the conversation let’s make sure we understand their language. like it states in the Kyballion ” the lips of wisdom are closed to those without ears to hear”.

In light and love

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