The beginning of our journey

Ave Fraters and Sorors

What is the alternative for those of us who are not satisfied with the “orthodox” way of spiritual practice? Is growth a possibility ? what is, or how do we define growth anyway? Where did we come from ? Are we all certain of our origins ? What is the point of all of our hours of reading, and, re reading of literature, texts, articles and views of the many authors ,commentators and scribes that fill our libraries and sacred places for practice?

These are some of the questions that i ask myself constantly. Sometimes i have received an answer, in part at least , although to me half-truths are very insufficient to rely upon to construct a world view that is going to be the motivating element behind my actions and ideas. the answer that is most logical, according to common sense, is to stop acting like a fool!. My family and friends are all convinced at times that I’ve gone mad, looney and have spent way too much time in the pursuit of Occult studies and Esotericism. In the beginning of the journey to gnosis, lots of us , I’ve found, are lost without our standards of life that are based upon the latest hit T.V. Show, most of us are deep down hoping there is some solution that will guide us back to the realm of happiness, or for the few that are willing to endure the hike, introduce it for the first time.

The presupposition this statement makes is that “all happiness exists in the fullness and not of the world”. in the “world” there is no happiness. This is unfortunately not so, all is a universal term, a metaphysical constant and if we are to take a journey of gnosis we need to remember that the only absolutes are that of the Pleroma or “fullness”. In Jewish Kabbalah we call this Azmuto. the unnamable inconceivable essence that we know nothing of. This statement parallels that of the Gnostics of the Nag Hammadi, and is saying that we are distant from or, alien to, the True God.

When contemplating such a outlandish statement we are challenged from the very essence of the remark that “we do not know” god. Therefore it would be appropriate to see ourselves as a fool, not in the way of socially accepted terms, but that of spiritual development. Therefore when considering the card titled The World, we are going to interpret, because symbols can only be interpreted and not stated in a fixed , matter of fact definition; the question to this card is , are we comfortable as a confined spirit in the elements of the world, both macro and microcosmically? Or are we willing to make a journey of the spirit to inquire of the dance and see what exists beyond the bounds of the cherubim or four creatures of the card.

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