He’s got the whole world….

Ave Fraters and Sorors

So it’s apparent that this card of the world is full of symbolism. It has been said by many esotericists and occultists that the cards of the tarot can never be defined in an exhaustive and completely definitive treatise. Why? Mainly because the tarot is composed of a picture color alphabet which brings archetypes to the conscious mind of the practitioner. As this experience is extremely rewarding and pays handsomely in all practical and theoretical manners, we still must accept the language and knowledge acquired is that of a “Symbol”,. Its not the essence of knowledge but a mechanism that enables the mind to be receptive to the transformative experience, which some authorities call genuine insight or gnosis. in short it may be termed a technology at best.

Here we will take very deep notice of the wreath. it is in an oval which we will not take long to realize that the egg of the world is what humans are being incubated or danced in. the idea of dance especially brings forth ideas of the Sufi poet, Jalladin Rumi. His view on dancing is that the dance is practiced as a form of union with the universe and was practiced by his order frequently as a path to self transcendence.

but for now back to egg-wreath. this wreath is made of 22 leaves all with 3 sides. this corresponds to the tarot and that the world card consists of archetypes that are paths of dancer. so in keeping with the idea of life and its result which is an egg , this Arcanum is talking about life as an archetypal journey from the essence of the self to its gross embodiment in matter

The measurements, which come from the sanskrit word maya and can be alluded to the buddhist doctrine of maya, meaning illusion. The word measurement is a verb ,meaning an activity defined to : Ascertain the size, amount, or degree of (something) by using an instrument or device
marked in standard units or by comparing it with an object of known size . standard units or comparison. a quote by PF Case would be appropriate here “The wreath is an ellipsoid figure. Its longer axis is exactly eight units, and its shorter one exactly five units. Thus a rectangle which would exactly contain it would be eight units high and five units wide”.

he continues to say that numbers 5 and 8 are closely related to music
and its scales, in a recent book by Michael Hayes called ” The hermetic
code in DNA”. Hayes posits that the double helix of dna is similar to a
complex scale in music theory.

binding the wreath is rubber bands in the 8 or infinity symbol meaning
eternity. Yet here is where the gnostic would disagree completely. In
exegesis of the tarot Arcanum of this card, we are forced to accept
that the world has four creatures one circle with a woman in it and
that the creatures are lions and bull and bird and person. what in the
world does this all have to do with where we live, in our everyday
lives? the bull represents the manifestation of life on earth and was
said of the gnostics to be Egyptian in origin and that the lion is what
was the force behind the bull’s manifestation.

An educated gnostic would completely start intuiting that the lion (
yaldabaoth) and the bull ( foot stool called earth) is now in complete
accordance with the demiurgic ideas of gnostic writers of “hypostasis of
the archons” and “origin of the world” in the Nag Hammadi codex .
furthermore the fact that the dancing human , earlier represented by
spirit is enclosed within the egg or wreath of 5×8 and closely related
to the DNA double helix of genetic creation would really start to
substantiate the idea of a demiurgic lion creator of man and beast of
the land and bird of the air. this is also why the world is such a
symbolic start. we are actually following the process of manifestation
backwards.to its source which again is in the elements.

Hegel talked about this concept in his Phenomenology of Spirit,
mentioning that we can never accept a archetype by its final
manifestation but to eliminate its fixed component will bring us to the
core of its becoming or originating ideas in its beginning of

in “Orgin of the World” it was written that the Archon rulers dominated
the human model and created the nervous system and brain. Funny how
this is taken to be the essence of the human being in our ultra modern
and scientifically advanced thinkers. 2000 years ago the Gnostics were
fully aware of the limitations of both of these human core systems and
how they perhaps were created not for our freedom and liberation , but
for our imprisonment and distraction.

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