Welcome to the Gnostic Tarot Cards Homepage

This site is for people who are interested in tarot. I am a student of the ancient mystery schools and have been involved in occult and theosophy for 10 + years. I am married , live in California with my wife and work as a customer service rep. In other words I’m just like the people visiting this site. In working with the tarot and its symbolism , it became evident to me there are some natural divisions between all tarot authors, artists and the information they deliver in picture-words and books. There are many decks that are used strictly for intuition and helpfulness to the personality on Daily Living. These practices belongs to the art of Divination , where one divines into the system of tarot images, to discover a Macrocosm of surrounding energies and adaptations or changes to be adopted, practices , etc.

 There are the Occultists and those interested in Theosophy, these folks, like me are going to be drawn to the Mysteries, and Systems of Thinking contained in the tarot. This is what I call the 2nd level of tarot usage , that of Wisdom and Symbolism of the “Wisdom Religion” or “Theosophy”. This system is what indoctrinates or “plants” the seeds for occult wisdom and is condensed doctrine in “picture” form. These are actually very intense thought-forms constructed by Adepts of the Gnosis under guidance of Ascended Masters.

Once this level of development with the tarot has commenced, there is then a 3rd and final initiation in the use of Tarot. This is Theurgical and isn’t revealed to any but the most dedicated and connected souls. This isn’t about the 1st group of Daily Application toward events of the Personality, or the 2nd of the Preparation of the Nous of the Initiate for Gnosis. This system is regarding what Pasquales Martinez called “Reintegration” and what Emmanuel Sweedenborg calls “Regeneration”. This has been incorporated with forms of intense and dedicated Tantric Meditation and incorporates the Summum Bonum of all Mysteries. This level of work will be eluded to but never disclosed to non-initiates , since its required to manifest actual rain and attune with elementaries to begin the work of the Adeptus & Magus or Master.

Therefore this site will divide tarot “work” into:

                3 natural divisions           

-          Practical Daily Application  - Work on the Personality and Tarot as a Way of Introspection.


o   Wisdom To Face Daily Challenges & Development of Intuition for tarot readings.

-          Wisdom & Symbolism – Western mystery tradition and may be introduced by

§  Western Initiatic School of Gnosis & Theosophical Mysteries (Coming soon)

o   Ancient Mysteries, Mythology  & Systems of Thinking Contained in Tarot Keys

-          Theurgical Tarot & Ceremonial Magic ( Initiation and Degree work)

o   Practices for Alchemical and Internal Transformation